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Experience the reliability of Razberi intelligent appliances and solutions.

  • Intelligent, server-class appliances for heavy video surveillance workloads
  • Automated camera hardening and security best practices
  • Network optimization that eliminates megapixel quality tradeoffs
  • Real-time system health and cybersecurity monitoring
  • Flexible deployment for data center, edge, and rugged applications
  • Lower network impact and total cost of ownership

Trusted by Top Security Professionals and Organizations Everywhere


“Razberi’s family of products allows our customers to save on infrastructure without reducing video quality.”

– Cesar Diaz Paredes, Director General, NAVALEC

“Razberi provided us with an easy to implement family of products that consistently helps us solve unique server, switch and storage requirements of our clients."

– Mark Platt, Owner and President, Platt Security